Our History

Pender Veterinary Clinic has a long history of veterinary service to the Pender area. Dr. Ray Reppert and Dr. V.E. Lovell opened a veterinary practice on Main Street of Pender in 1943 at 324 Main, between what was then the Pix Theatre and the Gem Cafe. They spent 1943-1955 at the uptown location. In 1956 they built a new clinic at 504 South 4th Street, which is the present Pender Veterinary Clinic location. In 1961, Dr. Gerald Gabel (ISU graduate, 1961) helped to open the Tri-County Veterinary Clinic at Emerson with the Pender Veterinary Clinic. Dr. John Lanz, Bassett, Nebraska native (ISU Graduate 1964) arrived in Pender in 1964 and practiced here until 1978. Dr. Joe Strahm (KSU Graduate, 1975) joined the practice in spring of 1975 and Dr. Mike Sharp (ISU Graduate 1975) joined the practice in 1978. Dr. Jim Albrecht (MinnesotaGraduate, 1979) and an Emerson native, joined the Emerson clinic in 1979. In 1986 we improved and remodeled the cattle working facility with a working alley and chute storage/working barn. Dr. Mark Nichols (ISU graduate 1985) joined the practice as an associate veterinarian from 1987-2014. In 2004 Pender Veterinary Clinic and Tri County Veterinary Clinic merged to form Pender Veterinary Clinic, LL. Dr. Gerald Gabel sold his part of the business in 2005. In 2015, we remodeled the Pender clinic and updated office systems, surgery areas and retail/office spaces. In spring 2015 we hired Dr. Melissa Heberer (ISU Graduate 2012,) a Hoskins native. In June 2016 we added Dr. Josh Beutler (ISU Graduate 2016) to our veterinary staff.

Our present office support staff includes Barb Gilster at the Emerson Clinic as well as Angela Sanderson and Lynette Sunderman at the Pender Clinic. Our country cattle working crew includes: Mike Lanz, Randy Dunn, and Ronnie Roth. We are very thankful for our employees to deliver quality service to our clients.

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